Types of Event

There are seven main types of event that you can use your classic (or near classic) car on.

Static Shows
These mainly take place across the UK from spring onwards, and are usually part of some larger event, often charity related.

Entry fees are usually low at about £5 to £10, but many are free if your car falls into the category or age they are looking for.

Some allow you to come and go at any time, but most insist that you arrive by a set time and stay there till the end, so make sure this is what you want to do.

The larger events may organise things by car make etc. whilst the smaller one's are much less formal. Can be a great way of meeting like minded owners, getting good (mostly) advice, finding spare parts or even a new classic car!

'Runs / Meets'

Across the UK regional clubs arrange meetings at convenient locations (usually a nice country pub) and either suggest a route that helps you make the most of the local attractions, or lets you find your own way there.

Usually no costs (unless it's your turn to buy a round) and all of the benefits of driving your classic and meeting like minded folk.

Tours (usually Scenic)

Tours range from small events for no more than 12 cars and 30 miles or so, to events lasting several days and hundreds of miles. Generally they are organised by local car clubs, and have very well planned routes of between 60 and 120 miles visiting the very best roads, beauty spots, events, and again pubs. 
All will have food available at the start, and some will also have a dinner at the finish included in the entry fee. 

Numbers are usually limited by the availability of suitable car parks and catering facilities, so can range from as few as 25 cars up to over 200. Entry fees vary a lot as some events include all food, and others not, but are usually between £20 and £90. 

Some of the well established events tend to fill up very quickly. 

Holiday Tours

Usually three to five days in duration or longer, these events are more relaxed and whilst providing a suggested route you are normally free to explore and divert as you wish. Quality overnight stops are usually a feature of these events, which are also organised around events such as Le Mans or the Le Mans classic.

Due to the quality and number of overnight stops these events can cost well over a thousand pounds if fully inclusive of accommodation and meal costs. 

Race Tours 

These combine touring with 'serious' races at different circuits, usually spread over several days. The only one in the UK at the moment is Tour Britannia. There are several of these type of events on the continent, most notable is probably the Tour Auto in France each year. There is usually a separate event within the tour which excludes the races, but runs regularity sections both on the circuits and the public roads. (You may have seen the exploits of the Top Gear Team when they entered one of these in Majorca in 2010).


These range from events with lots of 'regularity' sections on the public road (where you have to average a certain speed between checkpoints) and special tests (usually timed to the second on private land) to those with special stages on private land and night road sections. Check if you will require to have a competition licence from the MSA in the UK. Car preparation restrictions vary enormously. Historic rallying is very popular at the moment, both with competitors and especially spectators.  


These comprise relatively easy navigation between 'Tests' which are nearly always up long established 'hills' around the UK. The hills are always steep and difficult and usually loose surfaced. If deemed too easy by the organisers they include restart point at key points where you have to come to a stop and, when ordered by the marshal, attempt to restart and complete the climb. 

Cars are modified to increase ground clearance, and as much weight as possible is moved to aid traction. Trials are one of the oldest motoring events in the country, and the most famous (The Exeter, Land's End and Edinburgh Trials) have been organised by the Motor Cycle Club (MCC) for over 100 years. They are very popular and nearly always attract a full entry of over 400 cars and motorbikes. 
The Corinium Run

 The Exeter Trial
Tour Britannia

The Three Castles Trial

The Exter Trial